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How to domesticate a kitten

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Apr 11, 2023
Wendy walked past the open door of her daughter's bedroom just in time to be rewarded by the sight of her naked body, busy towel drying her hair. She paused, leaning against the door frame and gazed at the sight. Her darling daughter, nicknamed 'Kitten' by both herself and her now- ex husband was beyond beautiful....she looked like a sexual goddess.
The divorce was short but nasty as most divorces went. Wendy was accused of having affairs which she not only didn't deny but also had ammunition of her own. She provided pictures taken by a detective, showing hubby naked in their own bed fucking a teen whore, even younger than their daughter. Wendy claimed her affair was for revenge with her husbands's infidelity but the truth was that she cheated on him first, not that it really mattered.

Wendy had bisexual tendencies and she was with a woman when she got caught. THere was something about sex with women she had always enjoyed...the softness of their bodies, the gentleness when they made love, the feeling of their perky nipples rubbing against each other.
Wendy was awarded the house and sole custody of 'Kitten'. She wasted no time getting back in circulation and soon there was a steady stream of girls coming to the house while her daughter was away at college. Wendy had always had dominatrix tendencies and now lived them out freely. Her huge walk in closet became a dungeon and often girls were gagged, nude and hanging from the ceiling while Wendy whipped them.

But there was even a darker side.
Wendy had wet dreams about her daughter for yearsm ever since Kitten blossomed into a vibrant sexy woman....now at 19, she was ripe for conquest. Wendy decided now was the time to take Kitten, forcibly if neccessary and mold her into her own private sex slave.
One evening Wendy pulled out all the stops. She put on some soft relaxing music, lit candles and put on a breathtaking black totally transparent night gown. Two glasses of chilled wine were sitting on the coffee table. Wendy sat crosslegged waiting for Kitten to come home.....the trap was set.
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