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Anime RP Justice and Handcuffs are hand in hand. (Rats)

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Feb 5, 2024
Kizami has never been a morning person, and he probably never will be. If he could choose to live out the entirety of his life while the sun is down, and the moon is up - he would.
He sits at the dining table, where there are two chairs. However, only one of them is ever occupied at a time. Kimiha is sitting on the couch in the living room of the apartment - eating an omelet which she made for herself.
Kizami is eating a single slice of un-buttered toast, because in this house, if he didn't pay for the groceries, then he doesn't get to eat them. His sister is old enough to have a job and pay for her own groceries of course, but Kizami doesn't have that luxury. A single loaf of bread is all he could afford to eat, for the time being.

They don't say a word to each other - in fact, Kimiha hasn't said a single word to him in over 3 weeks. She just sits on the couch, watching the news, as if he isn't even there.
Even when Kizami is sitting there, for the first time ever in a U.A. school uniform, she pays him no attention.

Well, in the end it's probably best that Kimiha doesn't acknowledge Kizami's existence, because he feels horribly uncomfortable being forced to wear a uniform. A button up under an ill-fitting blazer with a tie that is much too tight around his throat. He's never understood the appeal of a uniform; yet, a small price to pay for finally getting the opportunity to become a hero.

When he's done snacking on bread, Kizami gathers his things and leaves the apartment, not a word spoken between him or his sister.
He takes the train all the way to the academy, too far away to walk and not knowing anyone with a car to give him a ride. Well, that's ok, Kizami likes blankly staring out the window on long distance rides.

He's excited to become a hero, but not so excited about all the new people he's going to have to be around. Socializing freaks him out, for understandable reasons.
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6:23 AM
Nov 9, 2022
While Kizami gazed out the train windows, the outside world moving by, he saw the familiar hallmarks of the city. The high apartment buildings of downtown Tokyo, the skyscrapers, the twinkling of the far off sun through the clouds , and the sleepy, unexpected flow of traffic. A world that almost seemed like it was silent, peaceful, without a villian to shatter it. But something else dwelled in those crowds that Kizami could look upon. A boy was running to school, dressed like he was preworking out for the gym, in shorts and a tank top. He was working a sweat, having jogged nearly 2.5 miles, and was pushing himself to do the last half in full speed. His Quirk had nothing to do with his run time, but his regiment required him to never go half assing it. Allmight didn't. Deku didn't. The blue haired boy tucked his head lower, his muscles pulsing and his sweat clutch down his chest. 'Let's go! Plus ULTRA!' He thought, pumping himself up more and more for it. His gym bag rattled on his shoulders as civilians jumped out of his way. "Watch it!" He heard as he blew by a older man that he swerved to avoid while they were watering flowers.


"GET TO SCHOOL RYUJI!" The older man yelled after him and huffed as he turned back his arrangements.

As he came by the train stations exit, jogging in place while he waited for the light, he began to notice....he was a tad underdressed. 'Oh crap- Is everyone just supposed to come in uniform?! I can't change when I get here-' He thought as he quickly panicked.
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