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Life’s a beach (Now Open)

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10:17 AM
Jun 2, 2023
Summer was here. More importantly, summer vacation was here. Even more importantly, it was summer vacation with a great friend and her quite wealthy stepdad,
Which meant that it would be quite the vacation. In addition to the private yacht, the whole rental property was theirs, complete with pool, jet skis, hot tub, and great ocean views. They had traveled there on the yacht (because why not?), and the unpacking, choosing rooms, and settling in was just completed. Erika stepped out onto the beach front deck, sporting a cute green bikini.
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9:17 AM
Sep 23, 2023
Isabel was was enjoying her tan, being on vacation. She would need it as she often thought it was an attraction to all the men and women in her profession. Sometimes though, she felt her voice and her body was enough to entice those to come towards her. It was no matter. She stood up from the lawn chair she was sitting in along the beach and couldn't help but notice the beautiful Erika. She bit down on her lower lip, and felt she looked like a cutie. She began to approached the woman and blew a kiss her way.

"Hey there, gorgeous."


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