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Servant of the Ice Cold Queen (Open)

Nov 9, 2022
Cheshire had once been a simple sress maker for the Queen of Hearts, one of many they had the luxury of working so closely in her life. He never knew that she secretly wanted him, that she would sooner rock her bed to peices while she rode him all day long rather than simply pretend to love her impotent, old king. Ofcourse the best compromise was for the Queen to offer him a higher title, to weave her dresses and the clothing for her court....she even housed him and his wife Aluce in one of towers in the castle. But she kept him so busy weaving that he never knew the Queen had his wife whisked into a gilded prison in that tower.

Eventually she made her feelings for him clear when he worked for her one day. Standing naked in her glory, she told him as bluntly as iron...to sleep with her, and he would be given a chest of gold. But the dressmaker refused her, it amused her Ofcourse, his joke....that no wealth compared to his Alice. Her next offer was scathing. If he didn't, Alice just might have a issue...find herself in the Dungeons or worse...be seen as the treasonous lexher she was for keeping her lovely pink kitten to herself. Cheshire, given such little choice, began his new role. Dress maker, Queens private servant....the King knew nothing, but even better Alice didn't either....but would it stay that way.

Cheshire wrung his gloves in his hands, prestine white, gloves, made to keep anything unclean from touching them. The Queens orders, to prevent anything undesirable from touching her skin. He was dressing for his time to go shopping for more fabric. Dressed in a pink suit, that had a purple toe and lavender shirt. He looked himself in the mirror, his two tone eyes , blue and green respectively looking at his handsome face. He adjusted his shirts collar, and tie, lifting the extra pressure from the maller one he was also wearing underneath. Another show of ownership from his Queen. He shook his head, turning away from himself, his insides curling at the dark shame he kept inside. He would be forced into the Queens arms again, and he still would have little in the way of recourse to protect his Alice.
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