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Service with a Smile (open)

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9:01 PM
Nov 9, 2022
In the far mountains, far far from the city life, and bustle of the hardships of the working man, was an inn. It was old, said to be carried all the way from the fuedal ages into modern day. It held a nice old time charm, most that came to stay at the inn enjoyed its hotsprings, it food, it's entertainments, but most of all , rumors sprang up of the staff. They were diligent, hardworking, caring. And gorgeous. Women and men alike working on the service here were absolutely stunning individuals, they came with recommendations, even profiles to match to a client's needs. Certain rumors even whispered of a hidden status label in the inn. 'Divine Emperor'. Such rumors told tall tales, how the staff wouldn't even dare turn away a guest who paid for this status, and they would be able to demand anything of the staff....whom had only one option, Serve. With a Smile!
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