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Survival: Day One Sign Ups/OOC

The Plot:
Rumors have begun circulating of an unknown virus originating from the southeast Asian sector of the world, code-named ARES. Details about ARES are slim to none, the small snippets available hint that it began as an attempt to delve into creating a cure for mental diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, attempting to rewire the programming of the neurons to ignore the damaged circuits/pathways and create new ones. News has been quiet; but, rumors have begun circulating on the web about the militaries of the region beginning to mobilize and martial law being enforced.

Domestic travel has been suspended temporarily to the entire Southeastern region of the globe; but, new cases have begun appearing in other portions of the world. The latest confirmed case, nicknamed Patient Twelve (the twelfth confirmed case), was reported checking into Mercy General in the Bronx. Media outlets have been prohibited access and the Surgeon General has warned the public not to panic, there is no cause for alarm.

Of course, this had the opposite effect and people began fleeing the city in droves and mass hysteria followed. Lawlessness quickly spread across the United States, and the President declared martial law and mobilized all National Guard forces.

As the world begins to go to shit, this is SURVIVAL: DAY ONE.


Since we're all grown adults, I'm going to keep them simple and to the point.
  • Respect your fellow participants, no one is greater or lesser than anyone else.
  • Your character must be 18+, not up for discussion.
  • Your character can have any background, skills, or traits; but, they must be realistically feasible/plausible. No Terminator farmers with a high school diploma and no military training.
  • The virus' side-effects are unknown and the snippets/clues are hidden in the world of the game, more will be revealed as time goes on.
  • Your character cannot have insider knowledge about another character, they may only know what the other player allows them to share or has been shared with them
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