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RP Hunt Thinking about a RP

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7:38 PM
Nov 9, 2022
Is anyone familiar with the game Nikke? If not, it's a series about a post-apocalypse war between Humanity and Rogue AI. Living underground in a grand Ark facility, Humanity uses a new military structure composed of a single human Commander that is in charge of a Nikke, an android that is a military operator to carry out missions. Typically the units range from a single Nikke to a full squad of five. Interestingly enough they even have sub-factions and models that serve even outside of that military in other positions, from Idols, sciences, and even maid services (likely for Command staff only)

A Nikke has questionable rights at best, after all, they aren't humans, as most are used in battle and have countless replacements, most commanders seem to be eager to throw their Nikke into battle or in half-cocked plans. They also are universally female in design, but with their distinct personalities and looks between the Unit designs.

I think that it would be an interesting setting to use, PM me if you have any interest.
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