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TuesdayAfterNext's OC Gallery


Based on a true story.
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Dec 5, 2023
Welcome to my gallery of OCs! Since I’m into a lot of different genres across many fictional worlds and periods in time, my OCs tend to be archetypes I ‘dress up’ to suit the setting. While this allows me an immense amount of flexibility as they’re all essentially AUs of the same character no matter what they look like, their sexual preferences/gender are non-negotiable as I’m looking for a specific experience with each one. I’m someone who writes anywhere from 1-5 paragraphs, depending on what’s necessary for the scene. I’m also someone that needs a touch of patience as I juggle a busy schedule and can’t always reply the same day. Please don’t reply to this thread as I intend to add more of my OCs as time goes on.

Name: Seren
Age: 25-35
Race: Usually human, though I’ve also enjoyed her as a fox/wolf lycanthrope.
Sex/Gender: Female, though I’ve enjoyed Seren owning a cock in past narratives.
Sexual Preference: Lesbian
Kinks: Sex in Nature/Public, A/B/O (presenting as an Alpha female)
Background: Seren is driven, compassionate, and playful. A consummate survivor, Seren can fit comfortably in any fantasy setting as a nomadic huntress, or a wandering sniper in an apocalyptic world.
Loosely inspired by: Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series, Xena from Xena: Warrior Princess, The Bride from Kill Bill.
Possible Scenarios:
  • Seren is passing through a roadside Inn and you're the local/barmaid Seren can’t keep her eyes off.
  • You cross paths with Seren in the wilderness and decide to share more than just a fire.

Name: Caspian Whitlock
Age: 40+
Race: Human, though Caspian could fit a vampire, fae, or demon rather well.
Sex/Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Kinks: Daddy Themes, Gun/knife-play
Loosely inspired by: James Conway from Goodfellas, Silco from Arcane, Marty Byrde from Ozarks.
Background: Caspian is charming, sharp, and observant. A consummate businessman, Caspian can fit comfortably in any setting where organized crime can flourish.
Possible Scenarios:
  • You’re an escort meeting Caspian for the first time and he's feeling particularly pent up.
  • You’re a rival's daughter and meet Caspian by chance at a nightclub, both are tempted by the promise of danger in the other.
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