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General RP Breaking Alora

Name: Alora Stone
Age: 22
Body type: 5'5, small waist, big breasts and plump ass with long brown hair that flows down to the middle of her back with emerald green eyes
Place of Kidnapping: getting into her car after work

Alora sighs heavily and runs her fingers through her hair after a long day at the office as her white button up shirt hugs her breasts tightly feeling like she will burst out of the delicate fabric at any moment as the buttons strain to stay closed, while her short tight pencil skirt cinches in her already tiny waist feeling like she is being tied up with rope. Her black high heels click softly on the concrete as she walks through the parking structure carrying her purse while her chest and ass jiggle with each step making her feel a little sexier than normal. Black eyeliner darkens the appearance of her eyes making them looked smoked out as her red lipstick emphasizes her soft plump lips that are just begging to be used for more than just kissing. As she walks to her car she can hear someone walking behind her as the hairs on the back of her neck rise. She takes a deep breath trying to remain calm as she continues walking towards her car. As the footsteps behind her get closer, her mind begins to races, wondering who might be following her and what their intentions are as she looks down into her purse and struggles to find her keys. As the fear in Alora rises, her hands begin to shake and her forehead and cleavage sweat, making it harder to focus on finding her keys while the footsteps grow nearer before she suddenly feels someone grab her arm and twist it behind her back as another hand covers her mouth.
"Keep quiet bitch," one of the men whispers, putting more pressure on her mouth. Knowing the second he removes his hand she'll scream, he motions for his compadre in crime....the other man brings over a ballgag...the second her mouth is free the solid rubber ball is rammed in her mouth, side straps tightened. The petite brunette is dragged backwards to the waiting van. Despite her struggling, she's tossed inside, followed by one of the men while the other hops in the driver's seat....the doors are closed and they speed off.
Inside, the man in the back tied the girl's wrists behind her and binds her ankles. Now subdued, he can take his time.....not taking the time and effort to unbutton her blouse, he takes a knife and slices it open.
"I love lacy bras," he calls out to the driver...."Don't you?"
"Just get her prepped," the driver replies...."we don't have time to fuck around with her....literally..."

It was only a matter of 5 minutes before the girl's bra, skirt, panties and shoes were either cut away or pulled off. The man rummaged through her bag.
"Alora Stone, huh?" he said as he read her driver's license. "No need for a name now....you'll just be numbered..."
He brought out a rag soaked in chloroform....with her mouth sealed shut, he mashed it over her nose and she soon passed out.

They arrived at an old abandoned looking warehouse. Flicking the headlights, a door rolled open and the van backed up inside, the door closing behind them. The comatose girl was carried away, down a hall and into a large dimly lit room....inside were 3 other girls, all nude, bound and gagged, all struggling uselessly. The brunette's arms were released only long enough to stretch her arms up over her head, wrists secured to straps in the ceiling. Soon she would wake up and her hell would begin.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen," the auctioneer announced. "Welcome to tonight's slave auction....we have 4 girls for your pleasure...."
About 20 feet away were rows of overstuffed chairs, all occupied by well dressed men and women. A topless asian girl was going up and down the aisles offering free drinks.

Cassandra sat crosslegged, looking over tonight's selections....the raven haired woman noticed the sexy brunette.
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Alora's eyes widened in fear as her heart began to race at the sight of large audience staring out her naked body. The cold air flowed softly, brushing against Alora's skin making her nipples harden and her body tremble as she tried to pull on the restraints that bound her arms above her head. Her mind began to race as she feared what each person there was planning on doing to her and what instruments of both torture and pleasure they were going to use on her. She looked around and stared at the other girls who were hanging next to her as tears started to well up in her eyes. She struggled harder against the restraints as auctioneer walks towards her and grabbed her face forcing her to look out over the crowd.

"This one is got the body of a true goddess people. Just look at those perky breasts and that tight ass!"
Alora tried to scream behind the ball gag to no avail as the rubber slickened with her saliva. Her legs started trembling as she noticed the Raven haired woman staring at her with lustful and hungry eyes. As the auctioneer let go of Alora's face he motioned for two men to side on either side of Alora as they grabbed her legs and lifted her into the air spreading her leges open to display her crotch for the entire audience to see

"Now that looks nice and tight for the taking wouldn't you say ladies and gentleman?" As the men held Alora's legs she cried fiercely and tried to close her legs as hard as she could. As Alora was spread for all to see, she tried even harder to pull at the restraints on her wrists causing dark red burn marks to appear while her continuous screams were muffled by the ball gag. Saliva slowly started to drip from Alora's mouth behind the ball gag as the men finally released her legs and moved on to the next girl performing the same action with each girl until the audience had a nice viewing of their next potential purchase. Alora's hearing and sight started to fade as he exhaustion from struggling started to take control. She continue to struggle as the auctioneer walked away and stood at his podium while another man walked by and places a number card around each of the girls neck leaving Alora for last marking her as number 305 in the auction count.

"Lets start the bidding at $25,000 for number 305! Shes young, shes tight, and shes just begging to be broken into with a body like that!" As different people in the audience begin bidding on Alora, her heart pounds in her chest as tries to turn her body away not wanting the audience to see her naked body anymore. Little did Alora know that this was only the start of her new hell that she will soon come to call life as the Raven haired woman, Cassandra smiled wickedly and placed the highest bid for $60,000. As the auctioneer named Cassandra the winner, the same two men that held Alora's legs walk up to her and cover her face with a burlap bag before quickly releasing her arms from the post above and restraining them back behind her as they drag her out the back to a black van. As the men dragged Alora, she thrashed her body and tried to kick in every direction not wanting to be taken anywhere as one of the men placed Alora in a choke hold while the other finally managed to grab her ankles, carrying her away and throwing her into the back of the black van, still leaving the bag over her head as one of the men climbed inside the back with Alora while the other hopped into the driver seat before they both slam the doors to the van shut and drive off as the man in the back grabs onto Alora's waist and forces her to sit in his lap.

"Cassandra sure did pick out the beauty of the bunch didn't she" he yells out to the driver
"Just don't fucking touch the goods you idiot or Cassandra will make you her next fucking target!" the driver yelled back as he sped through the dirt roads not leaving a single trace to be followed as they finally reach a massive mansion that sits on the edge of a cliff over looking the ocean. As the men park the car they drag Alora out of back and carry her to the front door as Alora continued to try and kick her way free as her body was over taken by the worst fear she had ever experienced making her nipples get hard again and her chest tighten.
Nothing was spared to humiliate the girls for sale....each one had their ankles untied but only long enough for their legs to be forced wide apart, exposing their pussies and puckered assholes. Once done their ankles were tied back together. The blonde girl next to her looked over at Alora with a mixture of fear and pleading in her eyes, as if the brunette had some way to escape.
Cassandra licked her lips at the sight of the brunette's vagina....pink with full lips....she would make an ideal bed slut.
As usual, as soon as Cassandra lifted her paddle everyone else let out a groan....Cassandra had a reputation of always winning every auction she was invited to, and all the auction houses always invited her because she brought in the most money. Despite law enforcement all over the world supposedly fighting against global sex trafficking, it was still a very lucrative business. No expense was spared in this location, for instance....the warehouse did indeed look abandoned---at first glance.
But upon entering, a concealed button was pushed and the floor slowly dropped 2 levels underground. kidnapped girls, all nude and gagged were kept in cages until it was time for the next auction. The girls were brought up, secured and sold.

It was 10pm when the van pulled up at front of the mansion....two men lifted the brunette by the shoulders and forced her to stand between them, the bag still over her head.
A topless redhead anwered the door.
"Take her inside," she said in a voice without emotion. Still with ankles bound, the brunette was forced to bunny hop until they came to a very ornate living room, a fireplace burning on one side, thick wooden pillars on the other....tapestries and expensive paintings hung on the walls, victorian antique furniture completing the picture. In the middle of the room was a metal wire cage, just big enough for a huge dog.....or a very cramped human.
The burlap bag was pulled off the girl's head and the gag removed.

"It won't do you any good to scream," the topless redhead said...."the mansion is soundproofed. It's time for you to start your new life as Mistress's sex slave...."
The redhead motioned to the men. "Hold onto her," she said as she took a set of nipple clamps and secured them to the girl's tits. She was forced to back up into the cage....just before the door was locked the redhead attached a short chain to the nipple clamps and, with a pair of miniature padlocks, locked the chain to the cage floor.

"You will spend the night here," the redhead said as she padlocked the cage door. "Mistress will be here in the morning.....if your'e smart you'll submit quickly.....if not, Mistress loves torturing new slaves.....goodnight..."
The lights were turned off, leaving the nude bound and caged brunette alone in the dark.
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Alora looked around frantically as she struggled to maintain her position with her wrists and ankles still bound together. The tight pinch of the nipple clamps made her nipples turn a dark red as the weight of the chain pulling harder on the clamps, tugging and pulling at her soft nipples. The cold floor of the cage made Alora tremble as the cold feeling radiated up her feet and through the rest of her body making her shiver. She watched as the redhead occasionally passed by the room while dragging other sex salves behind her by collars attached to chain leashes. As fear started to take over Alora's being, her skin felt like it was crawling while the hairs on the back of her neck stood up as she tried to pull at the restraints around her wrists making the raw skin underneath burn.

While sitting in small cage in the darkened room, Alora's mind began to race fearing who this mistress was and what she will do to her. Sweat slowly started to form on Alora's neck as her thoughts of being tortured plagued her mind making tears well up in her eyes before slowly streaming down her cheeks and dripping onto her clamped nipples, offering no sense of relief from the tight pinch.
As the night dragged on Alora could feel the pull of sleep clawing at her body from exhaustion while she shook her head trying to stay awake, not wanting to wake up in a worse position. Eventually Alora's nipples went numb from the clamps pinching off the blood circulation making Alora feel a sense of bravery as she tried to pull back from the chain only causing immense pain as the clamps tugged at the sensitive flesh, still dark red from the irritation of being squeezed so tightly.

Regardless of her constant struggle to stay awake, Alora finally collapsed onto the cage floor feeling the cold metal freeze her skin as she lay on her side. Her skin became covered in goosebumps as the the chain from the nipple clamps lay loosely on her tits while the warmth of the fire helped to keep Alora from being too cold. As she slept, her dreams were plagued with images of the auction reminding her of how the other girls look, the way it felt to have her pussy displayed to the entire audience, and cold hungry stare from the raven hair woman.

As the sun slowly started to rise the redhead returned to the room and banged on the bars of Alora's cage waking her violently.
"Get up. Mistress will be here shortly and it would be wise for you to be ready to receive her." the redhead walked away slowly wearing nothing more than the skirt of a french maids outfit and black high heels as they clicked on the floor, sounding like the clicks of a time bomb in Alora's ears as she knew her hell was only beginning and the worst was yet to come. Fearing being harmed worse than planned by the mistress Alora struggled and managed to get on her knees hunching over as to not pull on the chain still attached to her nipple clamps while she breathed heavily.

No matter what she did or how many deep breaths Alora took, she couldn't stop trembling as her knees burned in pain from taking on all her weight as she kneeled on the hard metal floor. As she looked down at her nipples, they had almost turned completely purple from the lack of blood supply, making her panic and breathe both heavily and quickly. Her head snapped back to look up as she heard the front door unlocking while chills ran down Alora's spine as the raven haired woman walked inside smiling at her new toy.
As the brunette feebly struggled, The redhead walked 2 other girls past the cage...they were both naked, ballgagged with hands tied behind their backs and a rope tied to each other, keeping them together.
"Today was auction day," the redhead said as they walked past, not really caring if the brunette heard her or not...it was probably more suspenseful if she didn't hear, to let her mind wander at the other girl's fates.

The other two were led downstairs into a brick and stone lined basement. Along one wall was three cages, big enough for the girls to move around inside. The girls were each put in a seperate cage, the doors padlocked.
"You two will be used as domestic slaves," the redhead explained...."Each floor of the mansion will require one domestic to maintain...you will vacuum, sweep, polish furniture, make beds and do what ever else your'e told to do. There is no escape...all windows and doors are kept locked and the mansion has a high brick wall and a set of tall iron gates in front....the nearest house is almost a mile away. Like the slave upstairs, you will be broken and tortured until you have the fine sense to surrender your will and voluntarily submit to Mistress.....you will only address her as Mistress Cassandra or simply Mistress....now, get some sleep, your first training day starts tomorrow."

Cassandra woke up the next morning yawning and stretching.
"Good morning Mistress," the redhead chirped, carrying in breakfast on a bed tray. Cassandra leaned up against the padded headboard and began to eat.
"Lay on your back beside me," she ordered, "so I can play with you while I"m eating...."
Of course the redhead did as she was told, stretching her naked body---all the slaves in the house were kept nude---with her hands above her head. As Cassandra ate, she reached over and finger fucked the girl. After only a few minutes the redhead cried out and came.

"Tell me about my new bed slut," she said....the redhead finally stopped panting.
"Her name is Alora....she's a 22 year old brunette with a very sexy body....she was kidnapped on her way to her car after work. Anything else you wish to know Mistress?"
Cassandra shook her head.
"You will accompany me to the living room...once you unlock the cage door, we'll take her to the basement and give her some.....training...."

Cassandra and the redhead went to the living room where the cage lay. The brunette captive had somehow managed to catch at least a few minutes of rest during the night. The cage door was unlocked and the clamps taken from the girls nipples. With Cassandra in front, all three went downstairs to the basement.
A thick rope hung from the ceiling....the girl was taken to the middle of the room, arms stretched overhead and wrists tied. Her legs were spread apart, ankles locked to a metal spreader bar.
Cassandra walked slowly around the girl in a black lace bra and black lace thong panties....in one hand was a black leather whip.
Good morning slave," she said cooly...."I am Mistress Cassandra...you will address me as such or simply Mistress...anything else will result in immeadiate and painful punishment. As my head domestic already told the other girls over there, there is no escape and you will not be allowed out unless with me. You will stay naked....the other two in the cages will be used as domestic servants but you, my precious...."

She lifted the brunette's head by the chin..."you will be my bed slut, my sex slave, my fuck toy....your only task will be to please me...most of it will be sexual. I don't care if your'e straight or bisexual...you'll be taught how to properly make love to a woman and you will be fucked only by them.....you will be fucked whenever and however I please. Soon you will be on a regimen of lactation drugs so you will produce milk....I have a thing for breast milk and you will supply my need...."

She walked behind the girl and suddenly there was a sharp cracking sound as the whip was used on the girl's ass.
"Your slave training," she said...."will include a fine balance of both pain and pleasure...how much of each will depend on how well you cooperate...."
Cassand drew her hand back and struck the girl's pale tight ass again and again.
Alora panicked and tried to kick the spreader bar from her ankles as she pulled hard on the ropes that bound her arms above her head. That intense crack of the whip on her ass forced a high pitched scream from her throat as she bucked around trying to break the restraints that held her in place. As the whip continued to crack against her skin, Alora started to grind her teeth and and shed tears of pain as each strike left behind a dark red mark on her skin. Her cries for help echoed in the basement as the Mistress continued to whip her eventually drawing a bit of blood from Alora's backside. The sharp sting of the whip surged through Alora's body making her sore nipples hardened and her pussy tremble as her juices started to drip from her.

The redhead bowed her head in respect for the Mistress as she whipped Alora like she was a wild animal that was needing to be trained. Her eyes filled with fear as tears streamed down her face and neck while her tits bounced with every jolt and kick she made trying to break free.
"Let me go! I don' t want to be your slave! Get away from me!"
Alora screamed and begged for her release not truly believe herself that it would work in the end. As the mistress pulled the whip back, she brought it down in a fast and hard strike making Alora scream out as the whip left a large mark that broke her skin just enough for the sting to burn on Alora's ass. With the fear rising in Alora and taking control, she kicked at the spreader bar again as her useless attempts made the Mistress laugh.

While hanging from the ropes Alora let her head hang as she tried to catch her breath from her intense bucking and thrashing that didn't make single difference in the hold the restraints had on Alora. Her wrists began to burn more as the already raw flesh was being tugged and pulled by the ropes that bound her wrists. She tried hard to close her legs, fighting the strength of the spreader bar without making a single difference. Sweat covered her body making her skin shine in the light as the Mistress walked to the front of Alora and drew back her hand whipping Alora across the stomach was she watched the red mark appear on Alora's soft skin. Soon the Mistress changed her whip from a flogger with small metal spikes on it and began swinging it around and smacking Alora's tits leaving small red scratches all over her large soft breasts. Each time the flogger hit Alora, she could feel her skin tingle and burn from the scratches that lightly covered her body.

Soon the redhead grabbed a gag that had a long extension meant to sit in Alora's throat as the gag was forced into Alora's mouth and down her throat as the straps her fastened tightly around her head forcing her to gag and cough until she managed to breathe from her nose. The slick rubber tasting of someone's crotch as it sat in her mouth making her drool.
As Alora finally remained quiet due to the gag the Mistress picked up a large vibrating dildo and tested the vibration strength before smiling and walking closer to Alora. The Mistress slid the dildo over Alora's dripping pussy before forcing it deep inside her and turning on the dildo to high speed as Alora screamed behind the gag and tried to thrash her body.
The Mistress forced the dildo deeper making sure Alora was feeling every inch of the toy before turning it off and pulling back out of Alora noticing the small amount of blood on the toy signifying that Alora was a virgin before this encounter.
The redhead had a startled look on her face....
"Mistress!...look! she's a......"
Virgin?," Cassandra finished the sentence. Yes, indeed she was....until now, anyway. The woman plunged the vibrator deep into Alora's pussy, switched it on full power and using some thin cords, tied it in place making it impossible for the girl to push out the unwanted invader. She watched as her captive struggled then took another powerful vibe, rammed it in her ass, tweaked it on full and bound it in place.

"Let's see," she said as she took a pair of black tipped nipple clamps and secured them to the girl's tits. She twisted the ends and immediately they too hummed buzzed and vibrated.
"Your'e going to have numerous forced orgasms," she explained...."the first few will no doubt be pleasurable but after your bodily juices have been drained it will feel less and less pleasurable....."

Cassandra was already impatient....she wanted this new bitch in her bed and decided to pull out all the stops. Keeping the tube gag in place, she brought out a VR headset and slipped it over the girl's eyes. Plugging in some wires, it sprang to life....whirling kaleidoscope colors spun around and around...slowly at first then faster. Subliminal messages flashed on and off again before her eyes, audio as well as visual in case the girl thought she could outsmart the brainwashing videos by not looking.

'You belong to Mistress Cassandra,' it repeated over and over, the words shrinking then becoming larger....'you want to worship your Mistress....'
'Only Mistress knows what's best for you...'
'you will never want to leave Mistress's side...'
'you will never question your Mistress....you will always obey her...'
Then scenes and video followed.....girls, always naked, sometimes gagged....tied up in endless positions....Cassandra was wearing a strap on harness, plowing into their pussies and asses. The girls--(why did they all look like Alora??) were screaming in arousal, nectar dribbling from their well used holes....eating not only Cassandra's pussy but other women's as well.

'you love the taste of pussy,' the messages chanted.....
'your'e body is for your MIstress;s use as well as her friends...'
On and on it went....6 hours of subminal brainwashing while the girl's body was subjected to one forced orgasm after another. The headset was made to block out hearing so the gasps and moans of the other two in their cages went un noticed. Cassandra looked at the caged captives.
"Watch carefully," she warned...."This is what you two will be going through....you'll have a choice to submit willingly or be tortured like this girl here....be careful what you decide. If you falsely submit to me, figuring I won't know your'e serious and truthful, the punishment will be severe and very painful...."

Houirs after hours of brainwashing and sexual torture continued. Finally 6 hours later the headset was removed....moment of truth....Alora would either submit or her living hell would continue.

"Now then slave," she said to the brunette..."Do you have something to say to me?"
Alora’s pussy clenched tightly around the vibrating toy as the Mistress forced in back inside of her sore sheath before ramming another straight up her tight ass, making her buck her hips and thrash her body from the pain of her asshole being stretched. The vibrations radiated through Alora’s body with tidal waves of both pain and pleasure. With the vibrating clamps being placed on her nipples and turned-on, Alora’s chest and stomach tightened as she tried to shake the clamps off, causing herself more pain than anything else as the rubber pulled at her skin. Her body becoming drenched in sweat as her poor innocent body was being forced to open wide for the Mistress's delight.

As each second that passed, she could feel the heat of her first orgasm building inside her as she tried to scream behind the gag as drool dripped from her mouth and sweet clear liquid squirted from her tight pussy, spraying all over her legs and the floor. Her clit pulsated as the vibrations demanded her submission. Having felt her first orgasm, Alora almost enjoyed the feeling until she quickly snapped back to her dark reality. Her tears streamed down her face as she moaned loudly behind the gag, praying that her misery would end and that she would be allowed some form of peace. She slowly looked up at the Mistress, her hopes being quickly dashed away as she saw the headset in the Mistresses hands while there was a wicked and lustful glint in the Mistress's eyes. She could feel the demanding gaze from the Mistress bore into her very being making Alora tremble and breathe shakily.

Once the VR headset was placed on Alora’s head, she tried to close her eyes to fight against seeing the images until the audio kicked in and forced Alora to listen to every single word as her senses heightened from the adrenaline that coursed through her veins. She opened her eyes and watched each visual appear in front of her eyes, unable to close them as the dancing images flashed in front of her eyes. Fear welled inside Alora as she witnessed the rough handling of the slaves by the Mistress’s hand. Seeing each girl being taken and used as toys. She began noticing that every single girl in the photos somehow looked just like her, causing her heart to pound in her chest and her throat to dry from the desperation of wanting to be free of her nightmare.
With Alora reaching another orgasm, her body began to thrash around, only intensifying the pleasure and pain combination from the 2 toys stuffed into her most intimate of areas. Alora tried shaking the clamps and headset off herself again to no avail. The violent shaking of her large breasts making the clamps tug and pull on her sensitive nipples while the headset remained tightly strapped to her face.

Alora’s orgasms continued for hours, coming in waves every 15 minutes, as she listened to the messages from the headset and watched the continuous flow of images coming from the headset. Her legs began to shake as she hand orgasm after orgasm covering herself with her juices until she was completely drained of all her fluids. Her legs, pussy, and ass dripped with all of her juices as her moans stopped coming from pleasure but turned into those of discomfort and pain. She could feel her insides ache from the lack of fluids, causing her to slump over in pain.
Each orgasm becoming less pleasurable and more numbing as each one came about. Alora could feel herself wanting to give in, hopefully stopping the torture. In one last final attempt Alora thrashed her body as violently as her could, forcing the toys deeper into herself and making the ropes cut into her wrists like a knife. With the pain being too much for Alora to withstand any longer she let her body hang limp from the ropes moaning softly and breathing heavily.

Once the headset was removed after 6 long grueling hours, Alora heard the Mistress address her as slave while she slowly lifted her head and looked into the Mistress's eyes with tears streaming down her face and nodded, fear still visibly present in Alora. The redhead walked up behind Alora and unstrapped the gag and let it slip out of Alora's mouth, finally allowing her to inhale deeply. Fear and embarrassment laced Alora's words as she finally spoke to the Mistress, her voice sounding younger than her age while it shook with each syllable that exited her mouth.
"P-p-please Mistress....I w-w-will obey"
"There," Cassandra said...."That wasn't so bad, was it?....I'm a woman of my word, I told you if you willingly submitted you'd recieve more pleasure than pain...."
The redhead brought over a pink leather dog collar. Cassandra looked at it and frowned.
"No," she said, shaking her head...."Bring me a Princess collar....afterall, this one is going to be my bed mate...."
The redhead brought over a padded black crushed velvet collar, exactly like the one the Princess wore in Cinderella. It had a chrome ring dangling in front. The redhead secured it around the brunette's neck followed by a click.

"There," Cassandra said...."your collar is permanent, once on it cannot be taken off. You are now officially my bed slut. As I said, all my slaves are kept nude, yourself included but with one difference...."
The redhead brought over a set of 6 inch silver high heels, covered with rhinestones. She made Alora raise one leg then the other....her feet fit the heels perfectly.
"Eventually," her owner continued...."you will be allowed to leave the mansion but only with me....I am quite well known in high society---you'd be suprised how many celebrities not only know about sex slavery but condone it....more than one male celeb has contacted me, asking for one of my girls for the night....or more often, longer....my domestics--like these two new ones in the cages---will often be loaned out. It doesn't matter if they want to be or not...they, like you, are my property and any disobedience will be met with very painful punishments...."

The redhead next brought over a coiled wafer thin chain, practically invisible to the naked eye. Cassandra clipped it to the ring on the brunette's collar.
"This is your leash," she explained....."It's ultra fine, the diameter of clear high strength fishing line...you'd have to be near to see it.....it's practically invisible....."

Alora was released and Cassandra took hold of the leash.
"Come slave," she commanded....."Time to get you ready...."
With the redhead close behind, the three of them went back upstairs and down corridor after corridor until they entered a bathroom....it was the largest one could imagine and very well furnished, like every other room in the mansion. The walls were lined with cream colored tile, the floor a rich veined marble.

Cassandra took the leash and padlocked it to a rail beside a huge bathtub. It was already filled with warm lavender scented bubblebath.
"Take my bed slut," she ordered the redhead, "into the bathtub and get her bathed....I want her nice and clean for my use....give her a douche and enema until clear as well....."

The redhead helped Alora into the tub and began to bathe her with a loofah.
"My name is Amber," she whispered, looking over to make sure their Mistress was gone. "I am so glad you decided to cooperate and submit...it could've been much worse....she's not going to give those two girls downstairs any choice......your'e going to be a beautiful bed slut.....after we get you bathed and enema, I've been told to do your hair and make up....once we're done I will officially present you to Mistress and she will take you to bed with her....God, I'm so jealous...."
"i-i-im Alora." She whispered back, feeling a sense of hope at the redhead conversing with her. Alora sat in the bathtub trembling from the residual effects from the 6 hours of torture as the redhead bathed her. The loofah feeling soft and rough at the same time as it grazed over her skin. As the redhead scrubbed her breasts, the loofah felt like needles over her sore nipples making Alora wince in pain and clench her teeth. The lavender bubblebath filled her senses almost making her feel a calm wave wash over her. The warm water soothing every cut and bruise that covered her petite frame calmed her muscles slightly allowing her to take a slow breath. Her pussy and ass still ached from the rough play that the Mistress had inflicted on her while the redhead scrubbed her intimate parts slowly. Soft whimpers left Alora's lips as the loofah ran over her pussy sending shocks of pain down her legs while she bit her tongue not wanting to make the Mistress angry from her cries. Soon she felt the warm water being poured over her head gently followed by soft fingers caressing her scalp as the redhead began washing Alora's hair. Her eyes closed softly as Amber massaged her scalp before rinsing out the floral scented shampoo and applied a bit on conditioner to her hair. Not too longer after Amber rinsed out the conditioner, she stood and helped Alora to her feet before drying her off with a warm soft towel that felt like soft fur against her skin.

"Come with me" Amber said, as she lead Alora to the toilet where the douche and enema sat waiting to flush out Alora's intimate spots. Not wanting to disobey the Mistresses wishes, Alora bent over slightly as Amber inserted the tip of the enema into her ass and filled her with the fluid before having her sit on the toilet. Alora gasped and breathed heavily as everything came rushing out of her sore asshole. Feeling completely embarrassed, she looked down not wanting to meet Amber's eyes before she cleaned herself and prepared for the next round of the enema. After enduring another round of the enema, the fluid finally ran clear giving Alora's a small sense of peace knowing she wont be embarrassed by anything coming out of her. Amber then helped Alora squirt the douche inside my pussy while sitting on the toilet atleast 3 times before the bleeding of losing her virginity stopped and the liquid ran clear.

After the degrading rounds of cleaning Alora was placed on the cushioned stool in front of a beautiful vanity the was filled with hair care, skin care, and make up products. She looked around in awe at the fine brands and luxurious creams as Amber began drying and styling Alora's hair. The hot air from the blow dryer sending a warm sensation over her body as her long hair draped down her back feeling like a warm blanket as it cooled slowly from the hot air. After her hair was finally dry, Amber curled her dark brown hair and pinned half of it behind her head making sure Alora's face was clearly visible for the Mistress to do whatever she wanted to it. As dark red lipstick was applied to Alora's lips, she could feel the velvet touch of the product gliding over her plump lips. The dark black eyeliner enhanced Alora's emerald green eyes as it came out to a sharp wing at the edges of her eyes.

Alora looked at herself in the mirror one last time, admiring the way Amber applied her make up and styled her hair was the black collar hugged her neck making her look like a doll. Slowly Alora followed Amber through the mansion as her breasts and ass jiggled with each step while the high heels clicked on the marble flooring, as she walked with Amber to the Mistress's room where she was told to lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide open for the Mistress to receive her when she returned.
The two girls in their basement cages didn't have to wait long to discover their fates.
One, a stunning black girl was quickly put up for sale. A camera mounted on a tripod was aimed at her, zooming in now and then to show her most intimate places. Bidding came in on Cassandra's phone and eventually the girl was sold for $150,000. Not bad for a few hours captivity....
She was released from the cage, the gag reinforced and laid in a wooden box with air holes drill in the top.....'Wild Animal' was stenciled in large letters on the lid. As she struggled, tubes were put in both holes to collect fluid and feces. She was drugged, the lid locked and the box was shipped out.

A strawberry blonde was in the other cage. She was taken out, hypnotized and assigned one of the floors to work as a domestic slave. To an outsider male (or female), it mut've looked like paradise.....naked girls on all floors, polishing, sweeping, mopping, preparing meals, even one washing the limo in the back. Of course the truth was that none had any chance of escape. The brick walls surrounding the back and sides were over 12 feet tall and the main gate was not only closely watched by CCTV but wired as well, so if anyone tried to even touch it they would be electrocuted.

Cleo paused her window cleaning to gaze at the sexy brunette as the redhead led her from the bathroom to the main bedroom.
"That bitch," she whispered to another maid...."not even one day on the job and already she's Mistress's new bed slut....what the fuck did she do to get the honor? that should be me..."
The other maid shrugged her shoulders. "Who knows our owner's taste in women," she replied....."But I agree with you....here we are, still doing drudgery work while a new girl come in and lands the cushiest job in the house....it's not fair,,,"
Cleo looked as the two went past, anger seething inside of her. No, it certainly wasn't fair....maybe she could do something about it....

Amber helped Alora up on the bed....it was a size of it's own, larger than any King or Queen with red satin sheets and matching pillows, a half dozen of them. The headboard was polished Cedar with antique looking iron rings. Amber took the girl's arms up behind her head, tied her wrists and secured them to the rings.
"I think you know by now," she explained, "Mistress is into bondage.....have a good evening and please....PLEASE submit and do whatever she wants....your life will be rewarding if you do so....."

The brunette laid there for almost 20 minutes before the huge double doors opened and Cassandra stepped through.
"God," she said...."You really are as beautiful as my slaves say...."
She wasted no time, stripping naked, her black hair cascading over her massive but firm size 38DD breasts. She paused, going to the closet and cinching her strap on harness around her waist, a 8" dildo swaying from the crotch.

"Time for you to be initiated into the family," she said, kneeling between the girl's open legs and guided the dildo into her pussy.
Alora's legs trembled as the dildo slide deep inside her, pressing hard against her cervix, as each ridge on the toy rubbed and teased a different area inside her tight channel. Moaning and breathing heavily as the Mistress thrusted harder, Alora's eyes closed tightly, forcing her body to submit to the Mistress.
Electric surges jolted through her body as the Mistress began fucking her pussy harder, making Alora's tits bounce and her legs shake from the pleasure. She leaned her head back on the pillows and opened her mouth, loudly moaning and gasping at the rough treatment of her delicate core.
She pulled lightly at the ties on her wrists as waves of ecstasy washed over her body, sending her into a state of euphoria.
"Yes Mistress, thank you for fucking my pussy!" She cried out, hoping to keep the Mistress happy. As the Mistress started thrusting harder she grabbed Alora's nipples and pinched them hard, making Alora force her chest into the air from a mixture of pain and excitement.

Before long, Alora felt an orgasm rising within her as she moaned even louder and pulled hard on the ropes around her wrists, feeling the heat surge up from feet and rising into her crotch as the Mistress reached her had down and pinched Alora's clit.
With that, Alora was convulsing on the bed underneath the Mistress as she reached her released, sending shock waves through her entire body.
After Alora took only a couple breaths, she felt the Mistress pull out and flip her on to her knees and lifting her ass up before the Mistress thrusted into Alora's ass, forcing a cry from Alora's mouth as her pussy trembled.
"OH GOD! Thank you Mistress!" With each moan and cry from Alora, the Mistress thrusted harder and pulled on Alora's leash forcing her to arch her back. She couldn't believe just hoe much she was starting to enjoy being taken so roughly by the Mistress.

Alora's plump ass jiggled and bounced off the Mistress's hips with each thrust while her pussy dripped with anticipation, needing to pounded into again. The sensation of the hard dildo thrusting into her ass made Alora's eyes roll back as she stuck her tongue out panting like a bitch in heat.
She could feel the soft skin of the Mistress's legs brushing against hers with each thrust, sending chills down her spine at the thought of how sweet the Mistress's pussy must taste. With each hard thrust into her ass, Alora could feel another orgasm rising as her spine tingled and her nipples hardened. She wanted nothing more than to get her release from the sensation of the dildo in her ass.
As her tits bounced with each thrust, Alora felt the Mistress reach around and grab her breasts, squeezing and kneading them as she continued thrusting deeper into Alora's ass.
Was this girl truthfully submitting? it would be even more enjoyable to know that the brainwashing had succeeded and this girl was now destined to be a pussy worshipping sex slave. So far she had all the signs of a girl hopelessly transformed. For Alora's sake, she had better be...if she was thinking she could fool Cassandra, the veteran dominatrix knew sooner or later the truth would come out.

The brunette screamed as she came, sending out a drizzle of nectar. Cassandra eagerly pulled out quickly and locked her mouth over the girl's quivering cunt, sucking out and swallowing every drop that flowed.

The dildo was also a vibrator. Cassandra set it to the highest setting and propped the girl on her knees, bending forward, her wrists still bound in front of her. Cassandra slowly pushed her way inside the girl's ass.
"Breathe easy," she whispered...."just relax, don't tense up or it will hurt more than I intended....."
She pushed her way inside nice and slow, reassuring the girl as she went. Finally she bottomed out in her rectum. Pulling almost all the way out she plunged back in again....soon she was ass fucking her new slave like a wildcat. Between the vibration and angling the dildo just right, she knew she could get her new slave to have an anal orgasm. Cassandra reached under and got a firm hold on the girl's swaying tits, twisting and pulling on her nipples.....this girl had magnificent tits...she would be perfect for what she had in mind.

Sure enough, the brunette let out a cry and came yet again.
Cassandra pulled out, released the harness and laid down beside her slave. She kissed her, sending her tongue deep inside the brunette's mouth. As she did, she stretched out an arm, grabbing the leash, clipping it back on the girl's collar and locked it to the headboard, then untied her wrists.
Cassandra changed positions, laying on her back, her head propped up on pillows, spreading her legs wide.

"Eat me slave," she commanded...."you saw how I sucked away your juices....I expect you to do the same.....make me cum and drink from my pussy..."
She pointed to the strap on.
"Put it on and use it on me," she ordered.

Cleo could hear the sounds of sex coming from the bedroom...despite warnings from her co worker not to get nosy, Cleo put an ear to the door. That bitch!....sooner or later Mistress will leave the house and when she did, she was going to do her own initiation, revenge for taking the bed slut position she felt she rightfully deserved.
Alora nodded as she panted and slipped into the strap on, grasping the base of the dildo as she looked at it. Still wet from being inside of her, Alora stroked the toy as if she was stroking her penis and slowly inched it towards the Mistress's pussy. She slowly rubbed the toy up and down along her Mistress's slick cunt before sliding it in slowly as she watched the Mistress lean her head back and moan. Oddly enough, the thrusting motion came naturally to Alora as she began to thrust in and out of her Mistress moaning with her as she increased her speed gradually.

Alora had never felt so alive before this day. Her senses heightened and her spine tingled at the sound of her Mistress's moans. Soon she was caressing her hands over her Mistress's body, relishing in her perfect body. Her Mistress's skin felt like velvet in Alora's hands, making her want to feel every inch of her Mistress's soft skin. Alora began picking up the pace and thrusting faster and harder into her Mistress, wanting to hear every moan and heavy breath.

After turning on the vibration to the dildo, Alora bit her lip hard hearing her Mistress gasp loudly in pleasure. She continued thrusting deep into her Mistress's pussy feeling it suck in the dildo.
"I can't wait anymore my Mistress, i have to taste you." As Alora couldn't hold back her desire to taste her Mistress's sweet nectar, she pulled out before leaning down and sucking on the tight and beautiful pussy that belonged to her Mistress.
She swirled her tongue and flicked it against her Mistress's clit, eliciting quick yelps of pleasure before she plunged her tongue inside and slurped on any juice that may already be dripping from her Mistress's cunt.

Alora started moaning as she licked the soft and delicious pussy that lay in front of her, worshipping its taste and how tight it felt on her tongue. Alora had never tasted something so delicious in her life. She had experimented with tasting herself when she was a little younger and had first learned about sex, but nothing compared to the sweet and silky juice that dripped from her Mistress. As Alora brought her Mistress close to cumming with nothing but her tongue, she felt her Mistress lace her fingers through her hair and push her face deeper into her Mistress's cunt, covering Alora's nose with her soft pink pussy lips. Feeling a deep need to drink her Mistress's hot juices, Alora sucked hard on her clit and flicked her tongue on it at the same time as the Mistress bucked her hips.

With hot liquid squirting from her Mistress's cunt, Alora opened her mouth as wide as possible and sucked hard on the entirety of her Mistress's womanhood and lapped up every single drop that flowed freely from her, the taste reminding Alora of her favorite sweet wine.
The leash clipped to Alora's collar gave the slave more than enough slack for her to kneel and plow the strap on deep in Cassandra's pussy. The domme couldn't believe that her new slave was so talented, considering her lack of experience. The slave dove in and out of her pussy, gliding effortlessly....Cassandra was getting wetter by the minute and soon began moan ing loudly and squirming.

"OH GOD!," she cried out...."DEEPER....DEEPER....."
Alora seemed to gladly do just that, burying the dildo up to the hilt, the vibration quickly driving her owner crazy with lust. Her slave was edging her....Cassandra was so close to an orgasm....soooo fucking close, then....nothing as the girl pulled out all the way.

Cassandra, instead of being angry that she had been denied her orgasm by her own slave, was aroused.....she had never been edged before and it drove her crazy.....how could this girl be so talented????
Cassandra scooted her pelvis closer to her slave, making it know how badly she needed to cum. Alora began to tongue fuck and eat her, feasting on her blood engorged pussy lips, throbbing with sexual desire. It felt like her whole body was on fire, a flame that only her new slave could feed on.

"YES!," she screamed...."OH FUCK.....YESSSSSS...."
she hissed like a snake as her slave made a meal out of her pussy. Finally the tongue fucking triggered an eruption....Cassandra let out a high pitched shrill scream and squirted....SQUIRTED for the first time in her life....Alora locked her mouth over her owner's pussy, greedily sucking out the clear ejaculation fluid shot like a girly guyser into her mouth.

Both women laid there panting and gasping, their breasts rising and falling with every breath.
"You were fantastic slave," Cassandra said, then kissed her passionately, sending her tongue deep into the girl's mouth. "Purchasing you was the best investment I ever made...."
Cassandra pulled back the satin sheets, sliding both herself and her bed slave under the covers, fluffing the pillows under Alora's head. As fantastic in bed as the girl was, Cassandra still wasn't entirely sure Alora could be trusted yet. No, for tonight anyway she would remain locked to the bed.
Alora's heart raced as she remembered the sweet sound of her Mistress's cries. She felt complete inside with being able to please her Mistress on such a level of intensity despite her lack of experience. As she curled up under the covers with her Mistress, the satin sheets caressed her skin and soothed her spent body. Her collar no longer felt like a symbol of degradation and felt like more of a comforting promise that so long as she did what she was told, she would be taken care of and protected by her Mistress.

She could still feel her pussy twitching from the mind blowing orgasm she had received from her Mistress. Every small detail of that intimate moment was going to burned into her brain until the day she died. Her breasts pressed close to her Mistress's body as she felt herself being pulled close, the warmth of her body and that of her Mistress's made Alora's skin tingle and cover in goosebumps.
As she lay cuddled close to her Mistress, Alora wondered what was going on with the other slaves in the house, having felt dark glares following her earlier in the day as she was taken to her Mistress's room. Thoughts of the other slaves rather being jealous or happy for Alora plagued her mind as she slowly drifted off the sleep. Alora had never wished to offend or take someone's place, hell, she didn't know this was even going to become her life. Alora's days before this were just as boring and normal as any other's day; eat, sleep, work, pay bills, repeat. Her life before felt so dull and worthless, never providing any spark in her life no matter what she tried. All she wanted now was to stay in her Mistress's good graces and be of service to her whenever she demanded. The night brought on sweet dreams of being in bed with her Mistress for hours on end, being taken on wild rides and making her Mistress squirt again.

Once morning came Alora stretched her arms out across the mattress, feeling the satin sheets glide under her hand as she was surprised to see that her Mistress was gone. Alora sat up in the bed feeling empty and lost without her Mistress telling her what to do. She could still feel her leash tied to the bed and wondered if the Mistress was going to return soon and bless her with more sexual exploration. However, after a couple hours of sitting in the bed alone, Alora felt her hope dashed and figured her Mistress was off at another auction or running around town doing whatever it was that her Mistress did when she wasn't at home.
She could hear the other slaves walking around outside of the lavish bedroom performing their daily chores while their high heels clicked lightly on the floor as they passed in front of the massive doors that shielded Alora from their prying eyes. After a few more minutes the pretty redhead, Amber walked through the doors carrying a tray that held a plate of toast, eggs, sausage, and a glass of water with a small medicine cup that had two small pills in it.

"Make sure you eat to keep up your strength for Mistress, along with taking your lactation pills." Amber placed the tray on the bed next to Alora before leaving the room and closing the door behind her with a soft click. Alora's stomach growled louder than she had heard before having not eaten since her lunch at work before she was taken by the two men in the company parking structure. Each bite of the delicious food helped Alora forget about her life as she relished in the idea of being able to be with the Mistress everyday. The juicy sausage tasted of Italian herbs and spices that paired amazingly with the eggs and toast. After finishing her breakfast and taking the lactation drugs, Alora took one last sip of her water as she heard the bedroom door opening again. Even though she hoped to see her Mistress, she was greeted instead by another slave who she saw washing the windows the other day and felt a cold chill run down her spine as the woman glared at her with a menacing stance. What was this girl going to do to her? What would her Mistress do if she found out this was happening?
Cassandra didn't want to leave her new bed slut, especially after such a wonderful session the night before, but she was still a business woman and had things to do, plus she was going to make a stop at a dungeon supply shop on the way home....she had some suprises for her new slave.
But other suprises were in store for her as well.

Cleo knew that her owner had left and had a fairly good idea for how long and she was determined to make the best of it. Ahe waited until Amber left the bedroom then came in behind her, making it look like she was cleaning the windows. Like all hosehold slaves, Cleo was nude but didn't have as breathtaking of a body as Alora had.

"I see you've made yourself at home," she said, gazing at the beauty laying in bed eating breakfast.
"I hope your'e satisfied bitch," she continued...."a few of us assumed we would be next in line for the bed slut position, but look at what happened....who the fuck do you think you are?"
She came toward the bed, a menacing look on her face.
"I'm gonna teach you to take our rightful place..."
The woman took a rag, stuffed it in Alora's mouth and searched until she found some tape. Winding it around and around the girl's mouth she was finally silenced. The leash had a padlock on it so there was no way the brunette could go anyway. Cleo took the tape, grabbed the girl's hands and taped her wrists together in front of her.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HER?," Amber shouted as she came into the room. Cleo glared at her.
"You say one word to Mistress," she warned Amber, "and you'll suffer the same fate as this bitch.... now, get out of here and forget what you saw....or else..."
Cleo searched around until she found a bobby pin....working it in the padlock she was finally able to open it. Grabbing Alora by the arms, she dragged her kicking and moaning downstairs where a car was waiting. The trunk was opened and Alora was stuffed inside.

"Gonna take you to an old friend of mine," Cleo said before slamming the trunk shut...."He owns a second rate whorehouse and I just sold you to him.....I'll just say to Mistress that you got free somehow and escaped...."
Amber watched from around a corner as Cleo slammed the trunk shut and watched the car speed away, then came back in the house, warning the girl again what would happen if she said anything to Mistress.

The car pulled around the back of a derelict building. The bound and gagged girl was taken out and carried inside. A tall muscular black man gazed at the nude and gagged girl.
"Take her to the training room," he said...."You know what to do...."
Alora was dragged into a room where ropes hung from the ceiling. The ropes were pulled down and tied tightly around the base of the girl's tits. Slowly she was hoisted up until her feet left the ground....she was now hanging by her tits.
Alora feared for her very life as she looked around in utter terror. Her breasts burning in pain from being hung up by them. She tried to scream in pain but it was muffled by the rag in her mouth. Tears streamed down Alora's face as she looked around trying to find a way out while she tried to pull at the tape around her wrists. The adhesive ripping and tearing at her soft skin. As she kicked her feet instinctively, she screamed behind the gag from the rope pulling harder on her breasts. The rough scratchy fibers feeling like needles on her skin.

Soon her tits turned purple as she continued hanging in the air. The room was freezing cold making Alora shiver as her skin became covered in goosebumps. All she could do was try to pull at the tape on her wrists and think about how badly she wished her Mistress could find her. She was scared and alone again, just like when she was first taken by the sex traders. Alora almost lost her will to fight until she remembered just how much she wanted to make her Mistress happy in bed, forcing her to keep fighting against the tape. She could feel the blood draining from her breasts as the rope squeezed tightly around them.

Alora feared what would happen if she didn't manage to get free soon. She feared what her captors where going to do to her. She feared what her Mistress would think when she got home. Thoughts raced through her mind, the biggest one being if her Mistress would be able to find her. Little did she know that the padlock on the back of her collar had a small tracking device, just as all the other collars did for Mistress's slaves; ensuring her property stay within her possession. As the tiny padlock on the back her collar blinked, two large men wearing nothing but blue jeans and black gloves walked into the room with Alora carrying whips, clamps, dildos, gags, and many more items to "train" Alora.

Back at the mansion Amber panicked not knowing whether to try and contact her Mistress and tell her what happened or wait for her to return home and try to catch her before Cleo. Amber paced back and forth in the main room trying to figure out what would be the best course of action just in case Cleo had managed to grab Mistress's attention first, as she remembered all of the security cameras that scoped out every single area of the mansion and the grounds outside.
No matter what Cleo was not going to get away with her devious plan; whether it be from confessing the truth out right or through the Mistress finding out through the security footage once she was home.

The second Alora was driven away, an alert came in on Cassandra's phone stating a slave had gotten free and was heading towards the outskirts of town while her location was closely tracked by the top GPS system money could by.
The men took a set of clamps and secured them on the girls already swollen tits....thin cords were attached and secured to the walk in front of her, guaranteeing pain if she tried to struggle.
Another man took the whip and began to strike her, leaving crimson zebra stripes on her ass.
" you see the toys and devices at our disposal, " one if them said...."First we'll torture you until the pain makes you pass out, then you'll be the whore house pet...."

Cassandra came back home in a furious mood. She messaged Amber
"What the hell happened here?," she screamed....
Amber finally got enough courage to explain what happened. In an even more explosive tome, Cleo was summoned.

"Both of you get in the car," she said..... " usually when being taken outside I have you put on clothes but you don't deserve it now...."
Both slaves were handcuffed and put in the back seat. Cassandra activated the GPS and, managed to finally locate her new slave.

One of the men took a branding iron from a furnace, the end glowing an angry red.
"I'm gonna permanently brand you to mark you as my property..."

Just then the door flew open and Cassandra burst through, whip in hand. She lashed out at the man with the red hot branding Iron, her whip coiling around his wrist. She took the iron and ordered him to strip, then burned his cock and balls. Cassandra released Alora and kissed her.

"I got here as quick as I could," she said, examining her damage. She took Alora to the limo.
"You two," she ordered Cleo and Amber..." Get in the trunk.... "

They drove out in the desert and finally stopped. Leaving Alora in the car, she took Cleo out to a clearing with millions of stinging red ants. The slave was gagged and left there, nice and hogtied. As Cassandra walked back to the limo you could hear Cleo screaming.

Once they got back to the mansion Amber was taken out of the trunk.
"I'm not sure what a fitting punishment you deserve," she told her. "For now, you'll be caged..."
Amber was led back to the sane living room cage Alora arrived in. Clamps were put in her nipples and a pole was trusted through the back of the cage and impaled in her ass.

" in the morning, "" Cassandra said, "Ilk bring down my bed slut...if she decides you have been punished enough ill release you, but if she feels you need more torture, you'll get it. "
Alora trembled and wrapped her arms around herself tightly trying to forget the dangerous situation she narrowly escaped from. Her eyes were wide and still full of fear as they filled with tears. Her breasts remained bruised and sore from the ropes as she holds them while walking, not wanting them to jiggle which would cause even more pain. She could still feel the intense sting from the whipping she had received from the man while Cleo's scream radiated in her head. Alora had no idea why Cleo felt such hatred for her when she must have once been taken and sold to the Mistress in the same manner as her. Why didn't she understand that Alora had no choice in the matter and that she was just doing what she was told by her Mistress? Why didn't Amber try to fight Cleo when she had shown Alora such kindness before? Her mind raced trying to figure out what she could've possibly done to warrant Cleo's wrath.

She walked slowly but remained close to her Mistress, not wanting to be further than one foot away out of fear for another slave trying to hurt her again. She didn't want to imagine what those men were going to do to her, but she had a good idea that it would've almost killed her.
Alora looked down ashamed for the state she was in while standing in the presence of her Mistress. She never wanted her Mistress to see her in such a state of despair and she especially never wanted someone to touch her other than her Mistress.
The dark purple bruises pulsated and were almost too tender to touch as she tried to hold them up, using her hands almost like a bra to support the weight of her large breasts. She hoped this would be the only time she would ever be disgusted with how large her breasts were. Her nipples were dark red from the clamps that were secured so tightly by the men that it felt like they were going to rip the damn things off. The zebra strip whip marks had managed to break the skin causing a small amount of blood to flow from each one. Each mark burned and stung in its own way, making it hard to walk as her plump ass jiggled softly with each step.

As her Mistress lead her into the bathroom Alora noticed that the bathtub was filled with the same lavender bubble bath from when Alora was first brought to the mansion, giving Alora a sense of security knowing that her Mistress would always be able to find her and make her feel safe again. She hugged herself tighter and cried softly. feeling completely useless now that she was in such a state of pain and destress, she feared that her Mistress might not want to have her as her bed slut anymore. Her heart started racing at that thought. What would happen to her if the Mistress felt she was unworthy of remaining her bed slut? Would she suffer a fate similar to Cleo's for being captured and taken away from the Mistress? Fear engulfed Alora as she began trembling violently.

"Im sorry I was captured Mistress, I tried to fight back but they were too strong, please forgive me Mistress i will do anything!" Her voice shook as she begged for her Mistress's forgiveness as if she begged for her very life. The pain and sadness in Alora's voice was not faint and over powered any other emotion within her. She prayed that her Mistress still wanted her as her bed slut, wanting nothing more than to remain close to her and stay within her the safety of her presence. Alora fell to her knees and bowed at her Mistress's feet not realizing her Mistress was only disgusted with Cleo and the men who thought it was a good idea to fuck with her property.
Alora flinched softly as she felt her Mistress place her hand gently on the top of her head, petting her softly while she crouched down close to Alora before she slowly started to relax and feel a sense of warmth in her Mistress's touch.
Cassandra stripped nude and joined her in the warm tub.
"This will put an end to any fears you might have," she said softly as she softly kissed her slaves sore nipples. She ran fingers in the girls hair and kissed her with a passion that surprised even herself...... Was she falling for her slave?

Once bathed, Cassandra towel dried the brunette....even bruised she looked gorgeous.
She clipped the leash to her collar and led her to the bedroom. There at one end near a set of patio doors that opened onto a sun deck was a gently crackling fireplace with a soft luxurious faux bear skin rug.
Cassandra gently laid the girl in her side and brought over warm soothing oils. Starting on her ass, she gently soothed the girls sore behind by massaging in the oils....as she did she allowed some to drip on her asshole and ever so gently b slipped a coated finger inside her.
After a few minutes she pulled out and laud her on her back. Climbing on top of her, she used a generous amount of the oils on the girls tits, kissing her nipples before applying the soothing oils.

Coating a finger with oil, she gently slipped it inside Aloras pussy.
"Oh Mistress..." Alora moaned softly as her Mistress's finger glided effortlessly into her tight pussym making her clit twitch softly. The faux fur of the bear skin rug combined with the soothing oils calmed Alora's aching bodying helping to relax her as her Mistress pushed a second finger into her, reaching deeper inside as she felt herself getting wet and heat rising from within. The heat of the fire warming the oil on her skin and sending tingling sensations over her body. Alora's pain slowly subsided as her Mistress fingered her pussy faster while gently kissing her sore nipples. He heart began to race as she bit her lip and started grinding her hips against her Mistress's fingers, wanting to feel them deeper inside. The feel of her Mistress's breasts pressing against her felt like ecstasy, making her nipples harder regardless of their bruised appearance while she reached up and massaged her Mistress's breasts, wanting to make her feel just as good.

"OH GOD...MISTRESS!" Alora's hips bucked as she climaxed, calling out to her Mistress as her pussy tightened even more around her Mistress's fingers as they continued being thrusted deeper and massaging her g-spot fiercely. Her legs trembled and her clit pulsated in response to the amazing orgasm her Mistress blessed her with. She breathed heavily and looked up at her Mistress with eyes full of adoration and desire, wanting to kiss her Mistress's soft lips again. She could still taste the cherry lip balm that the Mistress was wearing and licked her lips softly, relishing in it as she imagined licking more things off of her Mistress.

Alora felt a strange feeling deep inside her, something she never experienced before. Was she starting to love her Mistress as more than just her owner? She wasnt sure what to think but didn't want this feeling to end nor be away from her Mistress, even if she was only used a bed slut, she would be happy for the rest of her life so long as she was never taken away from her Mistress.
Alora continued to massage her Mistress's breasts, kneading them softly and feeling every inch of them. They felt like the softest pillows in the world from the velvety skin to the soft squish of each breast in her hands.

"Please Mistress...may I please make you feel good using my tongue?" Alora's voice was full of desire and was soft and gentle as she a begged for her Mistress to bless her with the sweet nectar that resided within her delicious pussy.
The only light in the living room was the warming glow of the fireplace, reflections bathing the walls. Alora looked every inch an angel, a nymphette of desire....her body glowed from the fire, every curve was a vision of heaven.

Their breasts rubbed against each other, nipple against nipple. Cassandra kissed her again and again as she introduced another oil coated finger inside her, massaging her G spot.
Soon the slaves moans gave way to squeals as she came. Cassandra locked her mouth over the girls pulsating pussy, coaxing out and swallowing every delicious drop that flowed from her body.

Alora reached up to gently massage and knead her Mistresses fits causing Cassandra to moan loudly.
The shadows on the wall revealed the night for what it truly was....this wasn't a simple game of sexual conquest, an erotic display if dominant personalities.... This was 2 women in a nocturnal mutual embrace of passion....tongues, fingers exploring each other. Neither domme or sub existed tonight.

Cassandra was anxious to have this wonderful beauty bring her to orgasmic bliss but as she laid on her back with legs open and inviting Cassandra gazed at the brunette.

"I'm..... God, I can't believe in going to say this," she stammered...." I think I'm in live with you.... "
Alora smiled widely as she slowly kissed her way up her Mistress's leg, starting with her ankle and inching closer as she gently kissed and nipped at the soft skin that made up her Mistress's perfectly defined legs. As she reached her Mistress's soft pink folds she teased her Mistress just for a little by grazing her lips gently across those beautifully supple pussy lips and kissing them gently as if she were kissing her Mistress's mouth.

"I love you to Mistress...please let me show you just how much you have locked yourself away in my heart." As the that last sentence left Alora's mouth, she slowly spread Cassandra's pussy lips open with her thumbs and licked the entire length of her sweet pussy before sucking gently on her now throbbing clit. Alora had never wanted to make someone feel so good before in her life and she intended to make Cassandra cry out her name in a true state of ecstasy. Flicking her tongue against the sensitive rose bud of a clit felt like heaven in Alora's mouth. The taste of Cassandra's juices were more than enough to make Alroa moan against her pussy as she licked faster and sucked harder. Soon Alora had to wrap her arms around Cassandra's legs to keep them open and hold her still as the deep, intense movements of Alora's tongue made Cassandra squirm. Alora buried her face into the delicious folds of Cassandra's womanhood and shake her head while sucking and licking every inch that her tongue could reach.
Not being satisfied with just Cassandra's pussy, Alora pushed Cassandra's legs back, making her ankles rest close to her ears as Alora dove deeper and licked every single inch Cassandra's tight puckered ass and her dripping wet pussy. Gently Alora teased Cassandra by probing her tight ass with the tip of her tongue almost pushing it inside before pulling back and swirling her tongue around. She repeated this over and over again, while keeping her eyes locked on Cassandra's face, not wanting to miss a single reaction that she caused this goddess of a woman.

After applying some soothing oils to her fingers, Alora inserted 2 fingers into Cassandra's pussy while she sucked on her clit. She could feel the walls of Cassandra's pussy tightening and twitching around her fingers she slowly brought her closer to cumming. Not wanting to rush the orgasm that was rising within Cassandra, Alora took her time thrusting her fingers deeper and slowly rubbed and massaged Cassandra's g-spot. while maintaining a slow and steady pace of thrusting her fingers into Cassandras tight cunt while simultaneously rolling her clit with her tongue, Alora reached down with her other hand and slowly inserted an oiled finger into Cassandra's rear entrance.
With now double penetrating Cassandra's beautiful body, Alora could feel the heat on her fingers she Cassandra bucked her hips and screamed out Alora's real name as she came, squirting like a volcano into her mouth while Alora moaned against her pussy as she sucked out every last drop while gently licking her clit to force out every single drop of that sweet nectar and into Alora's waiting mouth.
Cassandra had never fallen in love. Lust and sadism were always the focus of her sex sessions with her slaves..they ate her when she told them, they laid on their bellies and presented their bodies to her on demand, but love had never entered the picture.

There was something about this brunette nymph, a vulnerability and eagerness to please that captured the dommes heart. She almost felt ashamed and embarrassed to confess her love for her new slave....slaves were toys, objects, property to be used and abused at whim and certainly not objects of love and affection.

But as she laid there, her legs spread open by Alora she knew she was in love with her. Her beautiful slave was manipulating her body like a fine instrument, k owing exactly where to lick and kiss to get the intended response.
It wasn't long before she moaned loudly as her slave tongued her into an orgasm.
"UUUUGH!.....UUUUUUGH!!!!" She groaned then let out a squeal as she came violently.

"oh my God," she moaned....."wh...what are you doing to me?," as Alora took hold of her lovers legs, bending them back towards her head, giving her slave total access to both inviting holes. As she squirmed the brunette kept hold of her thighs to keep them open.

"I..... Love you," she moaned, her body trembling as she felt fingers entering her ass.
"I....'UUUUUUGH!!.....love you...."
The next climax took hold of her mind as well as her body.
"OH MY GOD!" She screamed..... "ALORA!!!"
Cassandra squirted a guyser directly into the girls mouth. Afterwards she laid there exhausted and sweating.
"I.... I never did that before," she gasped....
Alora's heart soared as Cassandra's cries of love echoed in her head. She smiled as she slowly lowered Cassandra's legs feeling them tremble like leaves in the wind. She wanted to give Cassandra this amount of pleasure every single day. Slowly, Alora crawled on top of Cassandra, wrapping her arms around Cassandra's waist and holding her close letting her slowly come down from the intense orgasm. She could feel just how hard Cassandra's heart was beating as she nuzzled her face into Cassandra's neck, leaving soft kisses and smelling Cassandra's beautiful hair.

"I love you too...you will always have my heart, I want to always make you feel this level of ecstasy." Alora whispered softly into Cassandra's ear, wanting only her to hear those precious words. Never before had Alora ever felt this way about someone. She had previous relationships, but they were never meaningful and never lasted more than a couple months. This woman that lay in her arms, however, was the most precious thing in Alora's life. She felt her heart beating in time with Cassandra's she rolled on to her side still holding the raven haired goddess closely.
Her green eyes gleamed in the light of the fire as she look deeply into Cassandra's eyes, wanting to swim in their gaze for the rest of her life.

Alora slowly reached up and gently cupped Cassandra's cheek, caressing her thumb on it, feeling the perfect soft skin underneath. Cassandra felt soft and warm in her arms, making Alora never want to let her go. Slowly she ran her fingers through Cassandra's hair before leaning her face closer and kissing Cassandra with all the passion she softness that Alora could give. Everything about this moment just felt right. She could feel that Cassandra had never be treated with so much love before.
Alora's new goal in life was now going to be making sure that Cassandra was always loved and cared form whether it be through being just her bed slut or by being a romantic partner to her. Either way, Alora vowed to herself that more now than ever. Cassandra was never going to feel alone in life.

Slowly breaking the kiss, Alora gazed deeply into Cassandra's eyes again as their legs intertwined as the fire kept them warm. She pressed her forehead to Cassandra's as their breathing slowed together.
"I promise to always make you feel this good...if you will allow it."
Cleo had long since expired.....a small group of hikers going through the desert found the woman's body still nude bound and gagged, millions of stinging red ants still honeycombed through her.
Amber on the other hand was still very much alive....her anal membrane now wrapped around the pole that she had been impaled on since the night before, along with the nipple clamps, kept her immobile. She resigned herself to the fact that she dissapointed her Mistress but still held out hope that Alora might forgive her and approve her being released from the cage.

Cassandra had carried her lover in her arms like a groom carrying his new bride over the threshold, bringing her to the bed. The oils had been absorbed into the girl's skin and they laid beneath the satin sheets, kissing each other until they fell asleep in each other's arms.
The next morning they both yawned and stretched and after numerous kisses Cassandra clipped the leash onto her lover and led her downstairs to the kitchen, where a nude domestic already had breakfast ready. Usually, Casasandra would insist that her bed slave kneel on the floor and eat from a bowl but Alora was different....she had her bed slut sit next to her and eat, even allowing her usage of silverware......she was taking a huge risk. A smart slave could easily use forks and knives to their advantage, wounding or even likking their owners, but Cassandra had fallen in love with her slave and decided to give her certain liberties, a decision that still weighed on her mind.

After enjoying a delicious meal of eggs, hashbrowns, bagels and waffles, Cassandra had another suprise for her slave. She motioned for the domestic to bring over a box and lifted the cover....inside was a pair of 6" high heels in black and rhinestones.
"I always feel that a woman looks even sexier when she's walking in heels," Cassandra said as she lifted first Alora's left leg and then the other, fitting the heels on her.....while indoors it was the only thing she would be permitted to wear.

"Now then," she said....."Time for you to make a decision....come with me..."
She led Alora by the leash to the living room, admiring the sight of the heels and the clicking sound as she walked. There in the middle of the room was Amber, still impaled and in the cage.

"I'm well aware of what happened recently," Cassandra said...."my domestic had ample opportunity to make things right and defend you but she chose not to....she did however alert me so I will leave it up to you to decide what happens to her now....I can release her and let her return to her duties or punish her more painfully if you wish....the choice is yours."

Amber looked up to the bed slut with pleading eyes. While she watched the two girls eye each other, Cassandra pondered over what to do with Alora....now that she had feeling for her, should she treat her more like a lover and less like a slave? She had no intention of letting her wear clothing but aside from that, how differently should she treat her? There was a tradition in the BDSM owner and slave dynamic that often a new slave is introduced to the closed society...think of it as a coming out party, like a debutate ball, except in this case, the slave is usually gagged bound and gang banged by other dommes. Should she honor that ritual? Cassandra decided she would explain everything to her bed slut...after the girl decided on the domestic's fate.
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Alora looked down at Amber feeling a mixture of hurt and distrust. She had grown small amount of trust in Amber when she first arrived at the mansion. Amber was the first one to show her any form kindness. She remembered how Amber had looked so terrified when Cleo had threatened Amber, and could understand her unwillingness to try and fight Cleo. Something in Alora's heart told her that Amber was just trying to stay alive in that situation that way she could tell her Mistress what really happened. She looked closely into Amber's pleading eyes trying to make sure there was no malice in them towards her before she turned to her Mistress and take a small breath.
"I believe she was just trying to stay alive during the recent situation that way she could tell you what was really going on, I think she has been punished enough Mistress.," With that said her Mistress snapped her fingers as two other domestics released Amber from her torture and walked her to the salve quarters to recover. She watched Amber stumble away, feeling like she had made the right choice. Alora then turned to her Mistress and bowed her head softly as she clasped her hands together in front of her. She hoped her Mistress was still pleased from the night of passion they shared together.

Alora couldn't stop hearing her Mistress's confessions of love in her head as they walked around the house together making sure that the domestics were staying in line and completing their daily chores. She was presented to each and every girl as they were all reminded that they were never to touch or even look at her without her Mistress's permission while her high heels clicked on the floor with each step. She felt joy in being seen as something precious to her Mistress. The gorgeous high heels that were strapped to her feet made her feel like a princess as the rhinestones shined brightly in the light and defined Alroa's toned legs.
She was willing to do anything to keep her Mistress happy, even if it meant hiding her feelings to keep her Mistress in power and safe from potential threats.
Alora could feel that her Mistress felt tense about something. She wasn't sure if her Mistress was still weary about trusting her or if it was because she wanted to tell Alora something that might scare her.
Either way, Alora planned on doing whatever it took to make her Mistress happy, even if it meant letting her Mistress put her in situations that she wouldn't normally be comfortable in.
As her Mistress lead her back to the bedroom Alora could sense that her Mistress was started to feel worried about whatever was on her mind. She wanted nothing more than to hold her and caress her hair to comfort her Mistress, but she didn't want to anger her Mistress by forgetting her place. Even though her Mistress had confessed her love to Alora, she know that in the end she was still her Mistress's bed slut before she was her lover. Alora sat on the bed as her Mistress clipped her leash to the headboard and sat next to her.

As her Mistress looked down and refused to look Alora in the eye, she felt sadness for not being able to wrap her Mistress into a warm embrace and comfort her. She fidgeted with her hands in her lap as she slowly looked up at her Mistress with pleading eyes while in the privacy of the bedroom.
"Mistress...may I please help you ease your mind? I want nothing more than to make you happy" Alora prayed that this act of care would help her Mistress feel more comfortable with discussing whatever was on her mind.
Cassandra looked down at Amber then over at Alora.
"Wise decision bed slut," she remarked, nodding her head with approval...."Not bad for your first decision....fine, release her..."
Another domestic unlocked the cage, pulled the pole out of Amber's ass and released the nipple clamps.
"Thank you," she said.....Cassandra stopped her before she stumbled off to her quarters.

"You will, from this moment on," she corrected the slave, "address her as Mistress A....the only one that can call her bed slut is ME....soon I will grant her additional duties and if she gives you an order, I will expect you to carry it out....is that clear?"
Amber nodded...."Yes Mistress...yes, Mistress A.....may I go now?"
Cassandra nodded....Amber was obviously hurt by the pole with a portion of her anal tissue prolapsed....it would take a while for her to heal totally..

Despite her slightly shorted size, Alora had magnificent long legs, and the heels only made themn look even more gorgeous. Naked, her more than ample breasts jutting out she looked like a goddess.
The mansion was fairly large with 3 floors and an attic, along with a vast expanse of a back yard, a pool and a good sized greenhouse. All that property required a good sized staff and Cassandra had a handful of slaves to take care of it, and every one of them totally naked....the property had a 12 foot brick wall around the back and sides so no one could see the harem of nude beauties. Cassandra introduced her bed slut to the staff....all of them were informed that no one was allowed to touch Alora, or 'Mistress A', as she was now called.

As they walked the grounds, Cassandra had one more item to give her bed slut. She led her to a small room that resembled a urgent care treatment room.
"Get up on the table," she ordered her, "and lay on your back with legs open..."
If Alora thought it was for sex, she was mistaken. A small object the size of a half of a cigarette was lubed and slipped deep inside her, Cassandra pushing it in as far back as she could.
"It is now lodged permanently in your womb," she explained...."when I call for you, the device will vibrate strong enough so you can't ignore it....one good buzz for the first floor, two short one for the second, three short ones for the third.....you now have full run of the mansion but my wishes always have top priority....if I want to fuck you in the laundry room, you will submit....I truly love you but our love must stay behind bedroom doors....aside from there you are my bed slut.....now then.....come outside to the back yard..."

She was led to the olympic sided swimming pool. a set of lounge chairs were on one side. Cassandra pointed to one.
"Lay down," she said...."One of my---our---slaves will put sunblock on you before we go swimming....."
As always, Cassandra had an ulterior motive. She would get her bed slut a nice tan then be prepared for dinner.....except Alora was to be the main course.
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