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Fantasy RP An Elf Amongst Orcs (Open)

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Nov 9, 2022
The dreaded Orc menace had come upon the peaceful Elven nation seemingly from no where. Green skinned beasts in a sweeping tide of Barbarians and Raiders had butchered their way into the outer village, the minor townships, the small cities. But the King of Elves and his knights waged war right back, a troop count of 40,000 Elves and their superior grace swung out to strike back upon the Orcs blow for blow.

It looked to be a hard fought draw until the Orcs had begun to bolster their numbers with Goblins and other low born greenskins, their Warrior Queen had drawn up a truce. They would cease their assualts...but for a single item. A worthy princess for the Queens son. The Elven King, Narsal, was a good honest man, and wanted to break the truth to his rival that he had no daughters to give as hostage, and thst elven daughters were rare...but the Queen then made a change to the truce. Give up his son. Or ten more cities would be razed to the ground a day until a princess was produced.

Why ever she would give her son a Prince, the King had no idea...but he had little choice. His son was placed under gaurd and cast from the kingdom of Zolstron, into the Orc Free Cities, into the clutches of the Orc Royalty. Here is was made plain. Orc men, were all but brutes, stupid and violent, corralled by their smarter, and yet equally as strong women.

The Prince stepped out of his carriage onto the crude stone steps of the Orc Temple, were there Queen awaited him. He was thin, and pretty, an Orc could carry him like a bag of grain without even noticing. He brushed his long blonde hair from his amber eyes, striding up to the doors, his fine elven clothing making him feel like he was getting dirtier just by the moment outside of his pristine kingdom. The Royal gaurds waited by the carriage, their armor glinting in the sun. The Prince touched the doors, starting to push with all his strength to open them.
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