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Living next door

Ryan had unpacked the last box from the moving truck into the house as he seen it was noon and he started unpacking since 7 that morning. Walking around the house he was nervous trying to see if he could introduce himself to the neighbors hoping they would like him and welcome him to the neighborhood.

Throwing on a shirt wearing his favorite blue shorts walking out the door shutting on his way out. Looking across the street he walked over the house seeing there was a car in the driveway. Walking up to the house he knocked on the door waiting for somebody to answer it. After about 10 minutes he walked around the side of the house and said" Hey is here I see a car in the driveway but nobody is here, I just moved into the house across the street this morning was coming over to say hi." As he walked up to a gate trying to see if was locked or not. Opening up the gate he was in a backyard where there is a pool and somebody sun bathing. He cleared his throat and said" Hey sorry to barge in like this I was knocking at the door, just trying to be a good new neighbor and introducing myself. My name is Ryan by the way." Walking towards the girl sun bathing.
Cara sighed, closing her eyes as she rested back on the wicker lounge chair. Summer vacation was here. Her last one, to be exact. There was a lot to process about that, really. High school was over. It was time to be an adult. College days were coming, full of studies, roommates, boyfriends and, most excitingly, parties. Put away from under her parents watchful gaze, who knew what all she could get up to…

All that would be later, though. Besides. It would be a lot of work. Hard work, she know. For now, though, she had the house to herself today and nothing to do but relax and read. A well earned break, she thought. A pity there wasn’t something more exciting to do… Oh well.

She stopped. There was a sound of someone coming round the house. It was a quiet neighborhood and she wasn’t alarmed, but she sat up, reaching back to twist her hair into a knot and turned toward the stranger coming around the house.

She ran her eyes over the stranger appraisingly. “Hi Ryan. I’m Cara.” She quickly put two and two together. “You who just moved in?”
Walking up closer he looked at the girl he could tell had just graduated high school. Giving her a smile he said" Yes I did this morning actually, I just got done unpacking my stuff from the moving truck before they had to take it back." Stopping at the lounge chair and extended his hand to her and said" Let me fully introduce myself, I am Ryan Nelson, I moved in next door, just me myself and I." Chuckling a little bit trying to be funny and not feel awkward in the slightest.
She took his hand and shook it, mentally approving of the specimen of manliness in front of her. Almost without realizing it, her fingers lingered just a touch longer than necessary. She stifled an eye roll at his comment, but gave a wry smile. “So, not married,” she thought out loud before thinking through the implications of the comment. “Anyway, welcome to the neighborhood.” Not quite sure what to say beyond that, she stood looking at him. Having a handsome neighbor move in next door would surely be a good thing, right?
Giving her a smile as he shook her hand, he felt her hand linger a little bit longer as he pulled his hand away as he said" Thank you for the welcome, and yes I'm not married not anymore. Got divorced a month ago and decided to move to start new." As she stood up he could see her body toned and curves in the right places. Shaking his head mentally just so she won't catch him looking at her. He asked" So how long have you been here?" Wondering if the city was her childhood home or if she moved from a different state or have been here all her life.
“All my life, really. We moved into this house when I was five.” She looked around her and sighed a little. “Seems like I never got out much. That’ll change, though.” She brightened. “I’m off to college in the fall. I’ll finally be out of here and can do some adulting.”

More thoughts flitted through her brain. She’ll be gone soon, so no long term drama. He’s recently divorced, so no complicating ties there. She could… yes. She would. A light lit in her eyes for an instant, then she flushed slightly, glancing down in confusion.
Nodding his head he said" Yea went from a small town country boy then when I got out of school I went into the big city to go to college, came out with a 2 degree in Science, that's all my parents could afford. I met the woman I married after college and we dated for about a month, then I proposed to her, then got married a couple weeks after. Was married for 24 years with her, never really had kids because she couldn't have any, worked from home while she worked in an office as an accountant, then I found out a month before the divorce that is pregnant, but knew it wasn't mine. So I divorced her since she cheated, and decided to move here."

He didn't know why he was telling a girl he barely knows, his life story and why he got a divorce. She was hot for someone that just graduated and she's moving out in fall to go to college. Smiling as he remembered his 2 years in college wasn't all that fun but made some friends while he was there, but lost touch when he graduated and moved on.
Nodding his head he said" Yes." He looked around and asked" Where is your parents, If that won't bother you of asking?" Looking back down as he looked into her eyes, he let his other hand wrap around her waist pulling her closet as he gave her a smile, letting her feel his body as he could feel her body, hoping he wasn't making her uncomfortable.
Stepping back he smiled and said" I was just wondering, I can come over when they are home if you would like. I was thinking that they would be at home unless they are at work." Rubbing the back of the neck as he smiled bashfully, he didn't want to make her uncomfortable since she was home alone and he was at her house with her with nobody at her house. looking at her he said" I can leave if you want me to and come back later to fully introduce myself to your parents, don't want to get you into trouble with you alone here and I am over here with you." Giving her a small smile.
His bashfulness gave her a little more confidence. She didn’t want to lose control of this completely. She gave him a coy look. “Here’s the deal. I’m off to college in two months. I would mind having a little more… experience.” Her eyes drifted over his figure, leaving no doubt as to what she was referring to. “Plus, it could be fun… We’ll have to be careful around my parents, but so long as nobody knows, no harm done.” She stepped back and leaned against a patio table. “What do you think?”
Looking her up and down he gave her a smirk and said" Oh yes the college years, I know what you are talking about. I'm guessing you are still a virgin." He asked her as he took a step forward towards her just a few feet in front of her so he doesn't scare her and he said" If you want we can go over to my place on some days unless you want to be in your own house to feel more comfortable, I don't want to make you uncomfortable, if you want to do it at your house to make yourself comfortable we can, I don't mind. When will your parents get home." He asked her as leaned on one leg folding his arms against his chest.
She shook her head. “No, not a virgin. I’ve just never done anything more than what’s very basic.” She flushed, a little embarrassed to discuss this so frankly. She stopped to think a bit. “Let’s go to your place. It’d be harder to explain you being here than make an excuse about where I was.” She stood and moved toward the gated. “Let’s go.”
Walking with her to the gate he gave her a smile as he walked with her. Ryan jogged up to her and said" I will show you around my house if you want me to or we can cut to the real business when we get in there." Looking at her as he walked across the street towards his house. After a minute of walking he got to the door, opening up for her to step inside as he stepped in, the living room had a L shaped couch with two love seats and a 70 inch flat screen on the wall. Looking at her he asked" So do you want a tour of the house first?"
She hesitated, took a deep breath, then shook her head. “Let’s get down to business.” She looked up at him, feeling a bit nervous. Now that it was down to it, she wasn’t sure about her level of undress compared to his. She stepped close, leaned in and whispered, her lips brushing his ear, “Teach me how to give a good blow job.”
Giving her a smile he took her hand as he lead her to his bedroom. Opening the double doors to his bedroom he had a king-size bed a couple dressers and a own bathroom. Sitting on the bed he had her on his lap and said" Oh so you want to know how to give a good blow job." Smirking as he scooted back with her still on his lap. Looking down he said" I'll take off my pants let you look to see what you will be putting in your mouth." Taking his shorts off lifting her up with his hips moving back and forth slowly letting her feel how hard he is getting. Shorts off he let her look at his 8 inch member letting her see it growing more and more with her on top of him.
She looked down, watching his cock grow. She slid forward, thrusting herself against him, his cock. She rocked forward and backward a few times, leaned down and pressed her lips against his neck, then slid back off of him, panting softly, a smile playing across her face. She slid his pants and boxers the rest of the way down, then slowly dropped to her knees. Her eyes stayed locked on his. She glanced down, appraising his cock a bit, then reached out and softly slid her fingers around the shaft.
Giving her a smirk he made a sigh leaning back on his hands as he watched her play with his cock. Letting her do what she wants he gave her a smile and said" you are doing good, I'll let you take the lead and tell you some few tips, like some guys like the tip of the cock licked and kissed then some guys like the girl's tongue run up and down their cock, and some guys like the girl to take the tip in their mouth and suck on it, you'll have to see what I like." Giving her a smirk with a hint of an evil grin.
She nodded, looking up at him, then leaned down, sliding her hands along his thighs. She hesitated, lips just above the cock. Her warm breath washed down softly as she decided, then she tentatively extended her tongue the brushed it across the top. Building her courage, she lowered her head, moistening the tip with her lips. She looked up to judge his reaction.
Feeling her hot breath on his cock, he leaned his head back as he let out a low moan feeling her tongue on the tip as he felt her mouth around the tip letting the her moist mouth glisten. Feeling a shiver go down his back his head tilted forward to see her staring at him, with a smirk he said" Keep going." He said as he bit his lip his hips bucked up wanting more of her mouth on his cock wanting her to feel him inside her warmth mouth.
With that encouragement, she went back down to it, sliding her lips around the head and moving her head up and down slightly. She kept moving her tongue across the top as she did so, listening for reactions and turning her eyes and head up as much as she could. Every so often, she would take it out of her mouth to run her tongue up the shaft. Soon, her mouth and his cock were wet enough that she could easily slide her mouth up and down over his cock.
Letting out moans and pants as her mouth and tongue worked his cock. Leaning back on his pillow restraining to buck his hips with her mouth around his cock. Gripping the sheets he looked down at her as he seen her tongue run down his shaft, wanting her mouth to suck more of his cock closing his eyes as he leaned his head back on his pillow panting more as he said" Please more I want your mouth on my cock." Letting out a moan wanting more for her to suck.
His eagerness sent a thrill through her that inspired even more eagerness as she went at her work. Her tongue worked up and down the front tip of his cock. His mention of sucking earlier ran through her mind again and she closed her soft lips around his shaft and started sucking. She moaned in sheer excitement as she felt his excitement build higher and higher.
Feeling his cock growing as she worked her mouth on his cock. Leaning his head back on the pillows he let out moan after moan. Bucking his hips more in her mouth letting out a loud moan he clenched the sheets and said" Oh fuck I'm about to cum, in your mouth or face?" He asked her looking down at her feeling the pressure growing more and more wanting to erupt in her so badly feeling his hips buck more.
His question didn't even register in her mind, and she simply kept on going. The only thought in her mind was giving him all the pleasure she could. Her hand gripped his thigh as she increased the intensity of her tongue's movements. She worked especially on the very tip, since that allowed her to look up at his face. Her eyes stared up at his face intensely as he head continued to rock.
Moaning louder he let his head drop on the pillow as he bucked his hips into her mouth more and more feeling the pressure grow until he let out one last moan letting his cum fill her mouth running down her throat as he panted and bucking his hips until his cock stopped twitching from the cum he released in her mouth. Looking down at her with a smile he said" Wow you are good with your mouth, do you want a reward I can do you a favor and I can eat you for dessert." Giving her a smile looking her up and down.
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